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How to Light Up Your Living Room

17 Sep


There are many factors at play in deciding the light quality of your living room than you might have imagined. Undoubtedly maximum light is not always what you want. It is more important to do it right. Good lighting is perhaps the most important factor which makes the difference between the room you love and one with which can not relate yourself. 

Options available

There is no dearth of options. You can choose from a wide range of designs, style, pattern, or shape. Just think of something which you hope to add value to your living room and you will find that the product is availed somewhere .however the case may be that the product of your choice is available, but you don’t know where. But don’t worry about it just visit www.wayfair.com and know everything related to the product. WayFair Coupons will provide you with heavy discounts.

To move ahead Lets begin with Recessed Cans. Your living room is not the place to put in lights so that covering every corner of the room, rather go for accent lighting and task lighting. A good lighting plan will comprise of wall washers for important areas where art can be featured. Take for example a small framework over the central seating part for everyday jobs such as reading, games, etc. It will be better to have all lights as dimmers to create the ambience. Lamps can be replaced with Wall sconces.

Overhead light can be harsh, where as wall sconces not only save you space but offer you a very sought-after quality of light. In rooms where there are no accent cans, indirect lighting can infuse the effect of the wall washer. Thus, you can create the desired atmosphere without bearing the trouble of making and mending your ceiling. Floor lamps and table lamps can convincingly light the room for most occasions.

The room size is very important and the number of lamps required depends on it. Don’t forget that dark lamp shades restrict the lamp’s overall light output. The colours of floors, walls, and pattern and make of furniture, all affect light. Dark colours absorb light where as lighter ones reflect light.


No matter whatever lighting plan and pattern you choose, always keep in mind that they should be energy efficient. LED or compact fluorescent bulbs will serve you best in this respect.